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Toned Town

3 Oct

So apparently they don’t make CrossFit for poor people. I went to the closest CrossFit gym the day I wrote the post about it. I talked to the guy there and I was so excited to start! Then the dude tells me I have to take a “Fundamentals” class… for $150. And then I’d have to pay for the month of CrossFit after that- another $150. Um no thank you, my gym (which is awesome) costs $30/month. So, it’s back to BodyRock for me! BodyRock has a new girl doing the workout videos. She’s pretty aggravating- she half asses all the work outs and she’s not into them, she grinds my gears. BUT the work outs are still good, she’s just not my fave.

This month I am doing 12 minute BodyRocks then weights after. Monday I did this BodyRock (I changed it up just a little) and legs- squats, leg press, leg extensions, lying leg curls, something else (I can’t remember the name- I’ll come back and put it later)

Workout Breakdown

One of my friends asked me to explain the moves- so here’s my attempt of doing that!

Set your interval timer to 12 minutes. 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest minute rest in between rounds.

1. Butterfly Elbow to Knees  (like jumping jacks but bring your elbows and knees together)

2. Spidermans (like mountain climbers but open your hips and put your feet more to the side as opposed to straight back)

3. Knee To Opposite Elbow Up and Down Planks

4. Ball abs (in plank position, place feet on Bosu ball, pull ball in to meet your hands, so your butt goes straight into the air)

5. Walking Pushups (do 2 push ups moving right, then 2 moving left)

6. 10 Switch Lunges 10 Squat Jumps using the weight

7. Star Abs (lay like a star with weights in both hands, bring hand up to meet opposite foot)

8.  Ball abs and push up

9. Toe Touch Abs

10. 5 Squats with weight 2 Hops Knee To Elbow

11. Plank Jump Over

12. 10 Pogo’s 5 Per Leg (stand on 1 leg, bend and touch ground and jump up)

Then do a million decline abs and leg raises!


To CrossFit or not to CrossFit?

23 Aug

THAT is the question of the day!

So, it has been a long time since I’ve written- I’ve been crazy busy at work and I haven’t had much time to try out new recipes because… we bought a house!! And all my money is now going to cute, fun house things-instead of food! Like the shower curtain I bought before I measured the actual shower… The shower curtain is 10 inches too short. Boo. It’s so cute. I bet I can find a way to make it work…

Annnyway back to the question of the day! It’s about that time where I’m getting (bored? I think that’s the wrong word) restless (that’s better) with my current work out routine. I switched it up a couple of weeks ago- Instead of doing a bodyrock every day, I did mainly weight lifting for 2 weeks. And for the next two weeks, I was going to go back to bodyrock. Then go back to weight lifting. That sounds great and all but I want to try something else. And I think that something else is CrossFit.

Oh yea get it CrossFitters! Get strong in your CrossFit bikinis!

I’ve done some research and while CrossFit seems like a total cult to me… I’m actually kind of into that. I love work out freak friends! Oh yea… I’ve just read some more. Total cult. Oh well I’m willing to be brain washed to look good! I’ll do whatever it takes! I’ll do my WODs and AMRAPs and EMOMs!!  Take my eyes but not my abs! Haha just kidding. But not really.

See, this- not normal

Sooooo… I’m going to look into finding a CrossFit gym this weekend! Maybe ONE day I’ll achieve my life long goal of doing 20 perfect pull ups!!!!!


Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini Work Out

27 Jul

I WILL look like this in 141 days on my honeymoon!! So, I must go work my A off at the gym! And since I’m going on a boat tomorrow…

Inspiration: Adriana Lima… not sure if anyone’s caught on with my obsession with her yet. I just want to BE her!!

Work out Break Down: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

1) 10 High Knees & 4 Half Squat Jumps

2) Bicep Curl & Press

4) Chest Press & Side Fly’s

3) 4 Opposite Knee to Elbow Plank, 2 Alligator, 2 In & Out- Elevated, Feet on Bench

5) Burpee & Surfboards  Turn

6) 4 Low Squat Jumps & 4 Wide Arm Push Ups

7) 10 Runs & 4 Tuck Jumps

13) V-up Abs

9) 4 Jumping Jacks & 4 Squat Floor Touch

10) Front Raise & Chest Press

11) Switch Kicks

3) 4 Opposite Knee to Elbow Plank, 2 Alligator, 2 In & Out

12) Tricep Dips

8) Round the worlds

14) Upright Row

15) Oblique Drops Left & Right

16) Bent over Row

17) 2 low squat & Frog Jump

18) 21’s- 7 side fly, 7 front fly, 7 diagonal fly

19) Punch Abs

20) Plank

Ab Bonus: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest- 3 rounds

Right Side: Oblique Drops, Elbow to Knee, Kneeling abs

Left Side: Oblique Drops, Elbow to Knee, Kneeling abs

Middle: Plank, Matrix ab, Ball roll, Star abs, Hanging Leg Raises, Decline bench sit ups

Run for 30 minutes first- 10 minute sprints, 10 minute hill, 10 minute jog/uphill walk

Je Suis Trop SEXY Pour Cette Chemise

23 Jul


Remeber that song! “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexayyyy!” It’s been in my head all day long…

Here’s my work out for the day- I’ll be way too sexy pour cette chemise after this:

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest- 2 rounds

1) Surfer Kick Out, 2 Jump Squats, 2 Tuck Jumps

2) 5 Mountain Climbers, 5 Star Jumps

3) 2 Forward Lunges 2 squat and press 2 upright rows

4) 2 pushups come up to a burpee, jump, 1 tuck jump

5) 5 Squats 10 High Knees using the pink (using medicine ball)

6) Exploding Push Up (using medicine ball)

7) 5 Switch Lunges 2 around the worlds (using medicine ball)

8) Plank Jump Overs (jump legs side to side in plank position)

Run for 30 minutes before- 10 minute interval sprints, 10 minute hill intervals, 10 minute run/jog/uphill walk

I might add some jump roping in today


50 Seconds work, 10 Seconds Rest- 3 Rounds

1) Side Plank Drop Downs (Left Side)

2) Bicycle abs, Tuck abs, Down

3) Side Plank Drop Downs (Right Side)

When I’m Walkin I Strut My Stuff

17 Jul


Yea… I’d strut my stuff too if I looked like Adriana Lima…  And one day I will! Like after a seven hundred of these work outs! She’ll be my inspiration for the day because I do NOT feel like going to the gym after work. BUT in the hopes of one day rocking that bod…I will go… Thanks Adriana…


Do each round twice before moving to the next- 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Round 1:

1. Switch Lunge with Oblique Chop (with weight)

2. Alternating Sandbag Swing (kettle bell)

Round 2:

1. 10 High Knees, 10 Switch Lunges

2. Weighted squat jumps

Round 3:

1. Clean and Press & Squat & Press (with weight)

2. Elevated Alternating Knee to Elbow, Push-Up

Round 4:

1. 10 x Plank Shoulder Touch  & 10 x Toe Touch (with weight)

2. Goblet Squat & Press (with weight)

Round 5:

1. Tuck Elevated Arm Abs

2. Upright Row & 1/2 Burpee (with weight)


2 or 3 Rounds- 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

1. Tuck Abs (when you lean back, throw a medicine ball up and catch it)

2. Seated Bicycle (extend legs) with Medicine Ball

3. Flutter Kicks

4. Punch Abs (Basic Sit Ups but when you’re up, punch left and right before going back down)



Don’t forget to do 20-30 minutes of cardio before!

Cocktails and Cardio

13 Jul

I have a philosophy: Booze Before You Bench! We go to happy hour at work sometimes, which used to worry me because I always go to the gym right after work. But last week, I had ONE Blue Moon before the gym. And I swear I had more energy than ever! I had the best sprint interval and uphill run EVER! I was relaxed, my muscles felt good.  Although, a few days later, I had 3 Blue Moons before the gym and that didn’t go so well. I was basically drunk, running on the treadmill, praying I wouldn’t trip over myself then laughing out loud at the thought. It’s not normal to randomly start laughing while you’re running on the treadmill. Yesterday, I had a flight of assorted red and whites followed by a glass of chardonnay and once again, it wasn’t as good as the one beer. I just felt sleepy.

So… I recommend ONE Blue Moon before EVERY work out 🙂 Let me know how that goes!

Beer! Run! Bodyrock!

Today’s Work Out Post Brewski!

  1. Burpees with Push-ups and Tuck Jumps
  2. 10 High Knees, 5 Jump Lunges
  3. 2 Bag Drops and Burpee Tuck Jumps
  4. Box Jumps
  5. Side Plank Oblique Drops Left Side
  6. Side Plank Oblique Drops Right Side
  7. Elevated Plank Knee Tucks- Elbow & Cross
  8. 2 Jumping Jacks, 2 Touch Floor Jacks
  9. Overhead Lunge & Kick (Right Leg)
  10. Tuck Jumps
  11. Overhead Lunge and Kick (Left Leg)
  12. Tuck Abs


  1. Side Plank Oblique Drops Left Side
  2. Bicycle Abs, Left, Right, Down
  3. Side Plank Oblique Drops Right Side


“Dump”s Like a Truck

10 Jul

Ok, you’ve had your 2 lazy days. Now get back to the gym! You need to keep up that smokin hot bod! Working out will not only get your endorphins flowing and help you forget about Mr…Who? but it will make you feel good about yourself and make you feel more confident- Plus who could resist you in that skin-tight dress??

Here’s today’s break up break down:

50 Seconds Work, 10 Seconds Rest.

  1. Elevated Cross Push-Ups (Cross your legs and alternate each time you go down)
  2. Tuck Abs
  3. Squat & Press
  4. Clean & Press
  5. Bicycle Abs
  6. Jump Lunges
  7. Bicep Curls
  8. V Abs Left
  9. V Abs Right
  10. Elevated Tricep Dips
  11. Mountain Climbers
  12. Burpees with Push Ups and Tuck Jumps
  13. Squat & Press
  14. Over Head Abs
  15. Jump Lunges
  16. 2 Jump Squats & Frog Jumps


50 Second Work, 10 Seconds Rest- 3 Rounds.

  1. Kneeling Abs Right Side (Kneel on the ground, extend one leg to the side, hold your hands together and point to ceiling, lean as far over as you can to the opposite side of your extended leg, and come back up to neutral)
  2. Star Abs (Lay flat, arms and legs 45 degrees, lift up and bring hand to meet opposite foot- use 5 lb dumbbells)
  3. Kneeling Abs Left Side