bon appétit

Recently I decided to become vegan. For a couple of different reasons… sorry, not because I just looove animals so much- I like fur (hard-core vegans would kill me for saying that). I want to do it mainly for the health benefits. It’s really not as hard as I thought it would be. The toughest part is going out to dinner…especially when your fiance loves cheesy fries and calamari and hamburgers. So, on Sundays I cheat.

On the days that I don’t cheat I’ll post the different vegan things I eat! I am by no means a chef! The food I make, is just food I make. I don’t really make anything that requires a recipe. Although! I will post other people’s recipes and attempt to make them from time to time! Especially desserts!

A good website to check out: Forks over Knives

I LOVE this website! Not just for the Food section! Check it out, you’ll love it too! This is how they feel about meat


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