Hello Blog, Remember me?

3 Oct

OMG I can’t believe it has been SO long since my last post! I’m the worst blogger ever! I’ve had so much going on lately. Work was really busy for a while, my sister came and visited me in Virginia, we had a wedding shower in Louisiana. I finally have a few minutes today to write… for fun! I have ZERO recipes to share at the moment. But I do plan on making pumpkin soup next week! And potato soup for Corey soon… Neither of which will be vegan… Maybe I’ll discover a vegan option… Maybe not.

So, for this post I just want to share a few things from the last month that I have been MIA. I’ll post a great work out after!

Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana









(That’s my future brother-in-law on their street in Mandeville, LA)

I went to my first pro-baseball game! Yankees vs. Orioles. The Yankees have been my favorite baseball team since forever!

















My sister came to Virginia!






















We had to break in to our new house through the balcony door!

Our friends threw us an amazing Wedding Shower!




















The current book I’m reading! It’s really good!


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