To CrossFit or not to CrossFit?

23 Aug

THAT is the question of the day!

So, it has been a long time since I’ve written- I’ve been crazy busy at work and I haven’t had much time to try out new recipes because… we bought a house!! And all my money is now going to cute, fun house things-instead of food! Like the shower curtain I bought before I measured the actual shower… The shower curtain is 10 inches too short. Boo. It’s so cute. I bet I can find a way to make it work…

Annnyway back to the question of the day! It’s about that time where I’m getting (bored? I think that’s the wrong word) restless (that’s better) with my current work out routine. I switched it up a couple of weeks ago- Instead of doing a bodyrock every day, I did mainly weight lifting for 2 weeks. And for the next two weeks, I was going to go back to bodyrock. Then go back to weight lifting. That sounds great and all but I want to try something else. And I think that something else is CrossFit.

Oh yea get it CrossFitters! Get strong in your CrossFit bikinis!

I’ve done some research and while CrossFit seems like a total cult to me… I’m actually kind of into that. I love work out freak friends! Oh yea… I’ve just read some more. Total cult. Oh well I’m willing to be brain washed to look good! I’ll do whatever it takes! I’ll do my WODs and AMRAPs and EMOMs!!  Take my eyes but not my abs! Haha just kidding. But not really.

See, this- not normal

Sooooo… I’m going to look into finding a CrossFit gym this weekend! Maybe ONE day I’ll achieve my life long goal of doing 20 perfect pull ups!!!!!



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