Cocktails and Cardio

13 Jul

I have a philosophy: Booze Before You Bench! We go to happy hour at work sometimes, which used to worry me because I always go to the gym right after work. But last week, I had ONE Blue Moon before the gym. And I swear I had more energy than ever! I had the best sprint interval and uphill run EVER! I was relaxed, my muscles felt good.  Although, a few days later, I had 3 Blue Moons before the gym and that didn’t go so well. I was basically drunk, running on the treadmill, praying I wouldn’t trip over myself then laughing out loud at the thought. It’s not normal to randomly start laughing while you’re running on the treadmill. Yesterday, I had a flight of assorted red and whites followed by a glass of chardonnay and once again, it wasn’t as good as the one beer. I just felt sleepy.

So… I recommend ONE Blue Moon before EVERY work out 🙂 Let me know how that goes!

Beer! Run! Bodyrock!

Today’s Work Out Post Brewski!

  1. Burpees with Push-ups and Tuck Jumps
  2. 10 High Knees, 5 Jump Lunges
  3. 2 Bag Drops and Burpee Tuck Jumps
  4. Box Jumps
  5. Side Plank Oblique Drops Left Side
  6. Side Plank Oblique Drops Right Side
  7. Elevated Plank Knee Tucks- Elbow & Cross
  8. 2 Jumping Jacks, 2 Touch Floor Jacks
  9. Overhead Lunge & Kick (Right Leg)
  10. Tuck Jumps
  11. Overhead Lunge and Kick (Left Leg)
  12. Tuck Abs


  1. Side Plank Oblique Drops Left Side
  2. Bicycle Abs, Left, Right, Down
  3. Side Plank Oblique Drops Right Side



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