Vegan Buffalo Chicken Wrap

6 Jul

I got this vegan buffalo chicken wrap from the same place as my vegan breakfast burrito, Yorgo’s. This wrap is easily one of my favorite things on earth! It tastes just like real chicken… why wouldn’t you be vegan if you can get the same foods you already love… but vegan style baby!

I like this guy’s article. Like I’ve said, I’m not vegan because I adore animals ( I mean I love dogs and horses- but if you’re a cow, chicken, pig… I’m not too concerned for you). This article just makes me think chickens are gross and yes, I’ll spare that chicken’s life because duh, I don’t want that sick crap in my body. Keep it to yourself chicken.

This website answers frequent questions about vegan diet and nutrition.  There are some interesting personal success stories on this page about how being vegan has changed people’s lives and made them healthier.


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